This comic has some special meaning for me. Back in 2006, Dušan Jeftinija (who does Legostar Galactica) introduced me both to swing dancing and an assortment of swing music, including the band Indigo Swing. One of their songs, How Lucky Can One Guy Bebecame one of my favorites, so much so that I drew a Cortland comic with some of its lyrics. I used it to kick off a story-line where Cortland and his friends go to the Omaha Eagles Lodge, where I went swing dancing (and eventually met my wife).

Then, about six years later, Johnny Boyd (the lead singer of Indigo Swing) and his band came to play at the Omaha Eagles Lodge during their Cowtown Jamborama. It was an amazing thing to dance to this same song on the dance floor where I first discovered the Lindy Hop. I even got to meet Johnny Boyd himself after the show, so naturally I had to find a way to work him and his band into my comic to bring everything full circle.

BONUS: The beer Angie is drinking (though it’s a little too small to tell) is a Cornstalker Dark Wheat.