Angie is a country girl who grew up on a farm west of Lincoln. She’s a hard worker and found herself dealing with one crazy employer after another in-between bouts of unemployment. She eventually moved to Omaha, where she met Crispin.


Crispin is a city boy who grew up on the south side of Omaha. Was a bit of a delinquent until a near-death experience landed him in the hospital, after which he became a completely different person.

He enjoys swing dancing and first met Angie at a dance. He married her a year later.


Todd is Angie’s childhood friend, and for many years wound up working by her side at one job in town or another. A reformed hacker/slacker, he now owns his own I.T. company in Omaha.


“Big Bea” Keane was a childhood friend of Angie and Todd, who recently moved back town with her teenaged daughter Trixie.

Other interim characters

I’ve featured a handful of characters over the past year or two of flashbacks that weren’t exactly introduced in Out at Five. If you’ve wondered who they were, or what their story might be, here are a few brief descriptions.

Steve & Sculley

Two villains from the world of Cortland, base loosely on some real-life silicon valley CEOs. They played major roles in Cortland and appeared more recently in the “Table for Four” prequel story.

Tony, Bea, and Scott

Childhood friends of Angie and Todd, who would meet up at an old abandoned railroad bridge far out in rural West Lincoln. They went their separate ways in high school and made their first and only appearance in the “Bridges” prequel story.

Weed Wieser

“Weed” is Chad’s son, a free spirit who tried making his way in the business world before deciding to strike out on his own, taking photos, blogging, and drawing comics for donations while traveling the country in his Mustang.

Bailey Colt

Weed’s significant other, a small-town girl who grew up working in her dad’s auto shop. She became tired of her small-town life and decided to hit the road of adventure with Weed when he passed through town one day.

Dr. Jonathan Cortland, Rick, and Woz.

Dr. Cortland is Terry Cortland’s father, a computer scientist who has a passion for cyborgs and operating systems. He became friends with “Woz,” who stumbled upon an inter-dimensional world first discovered by Rick. Their story kicks off the events that later unfold in Cortland. Their story is told in the “Rick’s MUD” prequel story.

Older cast members

I’ve been drawing Out at Five for so long that many of the characters have changed over time. When Out at Five first began, they appeared as they do below.

Bob Wieser

Bob Wieser

Bob’s the owner/president/CEO/boss of a small and fairly chaotic business. He’s never had another job since dropping out of business school, and he’s had ridden one wave after another trying to keep the place afloat. He comes and goes as he pleases, tends to fire people at random, and is rarely happy unless his employees are busy shoveling money into his pockets.

M. Todd Green


Todd has a wide range of duties at the company, but he usually ignores them. He’s a slacker who doesn’t follow the company dress code and enjoys relatively secure employment, being the only person in the world who can understand the company’s computer system.



Gina Biggassky is the grouchy, overworked office lady who isn’t sure why she’s still working here. She’s a divorced mom with a son named Jimmy who occasionally gives her trouble. She’s worked with both Bob and Chad Wieser for nearly her entire adult life.



Brody is the company’s I.T. Manager, Purchasing Manager, and Todd’s immediate supervisor. He’s usually laid back and just as annoyed with the management as everyone else, but he’s much less likely to let it show.

Mike Rogers

Chad Wieser

Chad is Bob’s brother, and he came to work for the company after his small print shop was mysteriously destroyed. His job title is, unofficially, “Vice President of Not-Moving-In-With-Mom.”


Angie Hanson

Angie Hanson is Todd’s close friend and former love interest. She’s been chronically unemployed and somewhat clueless about technology. She recently came on board as Bob’s executive assistant, and her first task involved getting him a flight to Nigeria.

Mike Rogers

Mike Rogers

Mike is vice-president of sales enjoys holding meetings and playing with the latest technology. He was initially a brown-nosing sycophant, but since Bob disappeared in Nigeria, he’s taken the reigns of the company and proved himself to be incredibly competent when given the chance.


Silvio Brusca

Silvio owns and operates Nemesis Design, the company’s agency of record. He handles Bob’s graphic and web design needs, usually with a great level of patience.

His name comes from Italian politician Silvio Berlusconi and Italian mobster Giovanni Brusca.

Minor Characters


Craig DiMela

Craig worked at Bob Wieser’s company for over thirty years, mostly keeping the company afloat and offering Bob sound financial advice, which was often ignored. Then one day Bob decided to replace him with a younger, cheaper employee who couldn’t even show up at eight o’clock. Craig had a long, frustrating job search but eventually gained new employment at a local bank.



Mayor Jim Blunt & Ira

Jim Blunt is the mayor of the city where the comic is set (often rumored to be Omaha), and he’s here to balance the budget by raising your taxes. His assistant Ira hangs around to knock sense into him when necessary. Ira has a much longer backstory as an IRS agent and villain in the world of Cortland.

Miss-GuidanceMiss Guidance

The unofficial name for the Guidance Counselor / teacher / bank teller who encounters the main cast every now and again. She works at the local community college helping young adults try to find fulfilling careers in the real world. She mostly fails at this.

Onion-Boy-and-VivOnion Boy and Viv

These two characters worked at a different company but eventually join our main cast temporarily when Mike decided to start hiring on more employees as the business booms.

They exist mostly for the amusement of the two real-life people they’re based on. You know who you are.

Webcomic-GuyThe web comic guy

He’s an alleged employee, but he rarely comes to work. He spends most of his time on his comic, but little of it involves drawing anything. Instead, he markets “swag” and promotional gimmicks, attending conventions, and bathing in adoration from his fans.

JimmyJimmy Biggassky

Jimmy is Gina’s nine-year-old son. He attends Watson Elementary School and often gets into trouble for being a bit too honest and perceptive about how the real world works.

Terry J. Cortland

Cortland was the star of my previous comic (also called “Cortland”), but he has also made a few, brief appearances in Out at Five. His backstory is covered in the “1996” story (specifically Table for Four and Rick’s MUD).