I’ve recently discovered that someone’s taken the time to translate my comic into Russian! This was something of a surprise, but it probably shouldn’t have been. The vast majority of recent comments on this site have been from people with Russian websites linked in their profiles, but I’ve tagged most of them as spam. This is primarily because the comments are along the lines of “Thank you very much for that marvelous article” or something similar to what a spam robot would post in addition to a link for a viagra-pushing website.

So, I thought it would be useful to make a few ground rules for comments: namely, if you post comments that have nothing to do with the comic (or post) on that page, then it’s getting tagged as spam. Also, I’ve received a couple comments in some character set my browser can’t handle — all the characters come up as question marks. If I can’t read your comment, I can’t tell if it’s spam or not, so please post comments in English for my benefit more than anyone else’s.

And thanks for reading. ^_^