Why, hello there! This has certainly been a nice, long hiatus, hasn’t it? In case you just tuned in, I stopped drawing comics back in late 2011 when my daughter was born. It’s been a fun, comic-free ride ever since then, and I’ve just recently added a baby boy into our family mix. Nevertheless, I’ve just recently picked up the pen again and have started sketching up some ideas for a kind of Out at Five Reunion, so you can see what all our characters have been up to since everything ground to a halt.

Also, I just had an extensive interview via email with Ideal Comics about my comics — mostly Cortland, but that kind of includes Out at Five, since they’re both wrapped up in the same universe. It brought back a lot of memories from the days when I was drawing a new comic every weekday and spent a good portion of my free time online with my buddies at Comic Genesis rather than chasing around a rambunctious two-year old.

Check it out:
Part 1  |  Part 2