If you enjoy reading Out at Five and would like to support my artistic endeavors, listen up. Yesterday, I posted the first comic in a new storyline on outatfive.com. However, you can read it the WHOLE story — all 27 comics — in advance, if you donate $5 or more to my comic via PayPal.

How? Simple — I had the new story-line printed up with Ka-Blam.com. I got my first sample copy over the weekend, and it looks nice! Now, you can read the whole story whenever you like, in full dead-tree resolution, with no load times whatsoever.

Want your own copy? Click the button on the right and donate $5 or more, along with your mailing address, and I’ll have Ka-Blam send one to you! If you don’t mind waiting, don’t worry — all the comics will eventually find their way online. However, if you like my comic, please consider making a donation. (Because ink and bristol board aren’t free!)