The cast of OA5

Thanks for dropping by to read my humble little comic! If you’re new to Out at Five, there are a few things¬†you may wish to know before diving right in.

  1. Most of the characters in Out at Five had their beginning in my first web comic, Cortland, a long-running comic that focused primarily on Macintosh-centric humor with both office humor and sci-fi parody a common theme through the strip. It’s not necessary to have read Cortland to start reading Out at Five, but it might help to see where these characters got their start.
  2. Out at Five started in 2009 and focused on gag-a-day types of comics similar to Dilbert and went to a “strip” format similar to the ones found in daily newspapers. There were no major long-form stories until around the end of 2011.
  3. In 2011, I took a bit of a hiatus from drawing the comics and didn’t start drawing again until 2014. The comics at this point take place “five years later,” and as such, some of the characters look quite a bit different. Their depictions on the Cast page have not been¬†updated to reflect this.
  4. If you’ve never read Out at Five before, you will probably be best off starting from the beginning in 2009, especially if you want to miss a gigantic spoiler that takes place between “then” and “now” in the comic.

So that’s it. Happy reading! And as always, send me come love in a comment below if you like what you see here.