The cast of OA5

Out at Five is the story of a mundane business in the middle of Omaha, Nebraska run by a fairly incompetent man and the rag-tag group of underlings who put up with him. The title comes from a “business model” conceived by Scott Adams, the author of Dilbert, in his book The Dilbert Principle. Scott Adams’ vision was to create a workplace where employees simply get work done with the goal of leaving the office at five. The phrase “out at five” embodies a philosophy I like to keep in mind: jobs will come and go, but it’s the friends you make and the family you keep that matters most in life.

If you’re familiar with my previous comic, Cortland, then you’ll probably see a few familiar faces in Out at Five. My new comic takes place in the Cortland universe and revolves around many of the same characters. The events in Out at Five take place after the end of the Cortland comic and could logically be considered a continuation of the same story. You won’t need to catch up on any of Cortland’s back story to know what’s going on, but I try to add commentary to events in Cortland whenever they’re referenced. You can read Cortland in its entirely here.

Five Years Later

My comic, and all of its characters, went on hiatus in 2011 and picked up again a few years later. The story picks up five years after everyone said goodbye as each of the characters tells everyone what they’ve been up to during that time, all around a table at Venice Inn, a legendary Italian restaurant in Omaha that close in real-life during that time. You can start reading from that point on here.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

A new story started up in April 2017 and focuses on Weed, a character who appeared in my previous comics Cortland and Forumies, but never Out at Five. The story is mostly told in flashback about what he’s been doing since disappearing from my comic around ten years ago.